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[Interview] Venta, the Charismatic Streamer Enthusiast of Hero Shooters: Get to Know This Spirited Creator

In the world of multiplayer video games, it’s easy to get angry when our team doesn’t do their job well, but for Venta, this represents an opportunity for personal growth. She shares more about her perspective in this article.



Live streaming on Twitch is a challenge for anyone who decides to venture into this world. There are all kinds of content creators, but those who achieve true success are the ones who are happy and satisfied with their work and who have a loving community supporting them.

Venta is a Taiwanese streamer who exudes charisma and creativity in all her streams, taking the time to read the messages her followers send through the chat despite having to concentrate on the game. For her, it is most important that her audience can have fun with her during the game.

Of course, you can usually find Venta playing Overwatch 2, which has become her personal refuge. However, as a good avid Marvel fan, she is eagerly awaiting the release of Marvel Rivals.

Although not everything has been a bed of roses, Venta has overcome many obstacles, gaining valuable personal and professional growth along the way. But let’s hear it from her directly.

Venta was kind enough to talk to DIEZ GAMING and answer a few questions to create an entertaining interview that will not only allow readers to learn more about our favorite streamer but also take away some of her experiences and advice and apply them in their daily lives.


Could you tell me a little bit about how you decided to jump into the world of streaming on Twitch? I understand that you only started streaming a little over a year ago, is that correct?

I first started on YouTube when Overwatch 2 first launched, where I did educational guides for Overwatch. Eventually that led to streaming! I just instantly fell in love with everything to do with streaming on Twitch and my supportive community.

I started streaming about a year and a half ago, and hit Partner about a year into streaming. It’s not crazy by any means, but I was able to find passion in it because I treated streams as a measurement for self-improvement.

Even if I didn’t feel like it, I would show up for the stream six days a week, and I wanted something about each stream to be better than the last. This motivated me to be better everyday, and still does. Some people thought it was cringe - I remember early on, when I mentioned my stream plans to someone, they literally laughed at me for trying to put effort into the stream. Sure there were things throughout that I did that were cringe, but putting that effort in changed my life — it helped me become more confident, improve my speaking and social skills, become more put together, build leadership skills, meet new people... The possibilities for self-improvement were and are endless. I continue to stream because I want to be better.

[Interview] Venta, the Charismatic Streamer Enthusiast of Hero Shooters: Get to Know This Spirited Creator

You now live in Taiwan, and have lived in places as diverse as New Zealand and Los Angeles. How have these experiences shaped your outlook on life?

This is a loaded question that I contemplate often, but can’t ever answer fully, because my background has shaped every aspect of my life.

People often talk about how exposure to different places cultivates more open-minded individuals, which certainly can be true. But often these individuals experience a sense of cultural homelessness and loneliness too, which can be significantly more impactful on a personal level.

To clarify - I was born in Taiwan, moved to New Zealand until the third grade, then moved back to Taiwan to study at an American school. For college, I studied in Los Angeles, then moved back to Taiwan, where I currently am.

Growing up, we were made aware that we were considered “third culture kids” - or people raised in a culture other than their parents or nationality. I’ve never felt like I’ve fully belonged anywhere until I started streaming. Perhaps that’s why I fell in love with streaming so quickly, it felt like home to me in a way no place has.

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with video games? What led you to choose Overwatch as your main game?

There was never a specific moment! I grew up playing mouse and keyboard and Wii controller only, from random games online like Club Penguin and Miniclips then to Sims 3, Guild Wars 2, and PUBG. I then started playing Overwatch when I got my first PC just because I loved the characters and their personalities.

What was the first thing you felt, the first thing that came to your mind when you first streamed?

When I first started streaming, it was rather overwhelming wrestling with all the different components that went into streaming, especially as an introverted individual with no experience in live formats of any kind. Despite being overwhelmed, I still had a ton of fun and knew I wanted to keep doing it.

[Interview] Venta, the Charismatic Streamer Enthusiast of Hero Shooters: Get to Know This Spirited Creator

Speaking about Overwatch 2. What would you say is the key to victory?

Consistency and community. Consistency as in consistency in improving and in showing up for the job and for yourself, and community for guidance, inspiration, and motivation.

We know that we Overwatch players suffer a lot when playing the game we should love, how do you handle the frustrations of a defeat during live streams?

Everyone tilts at some point during competitive games, Overwatch ranked especially. I used to get frustrated at myself for getting frustrated, but I have to accept that this is just normal. I try to have a snack, a drink, and take short breaks, as well as focus on chatting instead to avoid angrily spiraling.

You mentioned before that you have ADHD, how does this affect your day to day life as a streamer and gamer?

I wish I could manage my ADHD better! I also am diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Some days I’m a mess, some days I’m not. ADHD affects every aspect of my life. It isn’t just organizational-things that are affected, but also things like time blindness, emotional regulation, and executive dysfunction.

What strategies or methods have you found helpful in managing ADHD while you are live and playing?

Being medicated for ADHD and anxiety definitely helps in my day to day life. I’d say ADHD is a blessing for me personally when I’m streaming. For me, I tend to hyperfixate on tasks for a long amount of time, without feeling time pass by. When playing, it’s hard to track certain things in game when my ADHD is untreated.

Physical things such as diet, sleep, exercise, and caffeine intake also affects my ADHD a lot, so I try to keep track of that as well!

[Interview] Venta, the Charismatic Streamer Enthusiast of Hero Shooters: Get to Know This Spirited Creator

For those who also have ADHD and want to get started in the streaming world, what advice would you give them from your experience?

Many streamers have ADHD and that can be beneficial for them while they are live, the real challenge is the work that goes into your content when off-stream. Having friends, mentors, even your community, being there to keep you in check to meet your goals can be really helpful.

How has the community’s reception been since you started streaming? Are there any messages or support from your fans that have particularly touched you?

I’m extremely blessed to have such a supportive and kind community. There isn’t a specific message I remember, but an instance that I hold close to my heart.

On my first or second stream, a community member said that she couldn’t wait to see me thrive on Twitch and asked me when I would try to become a Twitch Partner. At that time, I said that I wasn’t interested in becoming one and doubted I would ever be qualified anyway. A year later, I had completely changed my mind. I was streaming consistently and started pushing for Partner. When she saw that I became a Twitch partner, she said that she teared up out of pride. She still attends every single stream to this day! People like her motivate me to keep going.

Looking ahead, what are your dreams and goals both in the short and long term in your career as a streamer?

I never share my big goals or dreams out loud because it makes people think I’m delusional, which I am, but don’t burst my bubble. Short term, I really, really love Marvel Rivals. I’d love to split my time between Rivals and Overwatch when Rivals comes out.

Do you have any special ritual or preparation before starting a stream?

My pre-stream routine takes about an hour and a half.

First is cleaning my space, taking out the trash, cleaning my mouse and keyboard, anything to make the space feel clean. I make sure I have a snack, drink, and water for the stream. Then I do my hair, my makeup for camera, and picking my outfit, and make sure I have nothing in my teeth. During this time, I’m listening to silly videos in the background as well. Going through this routine every stream puts me in the right mindset. Sometimes throughout the day I feel very introverted and don’t feel like talking, but this routine hypes me up. Then I open my stream programs, update commands, and double check any technical aspects of the stream that I need to.


Finally, Venta leaves us with a message for those who are still undecided about whether they should take that first step into the world of streaming. “If you’re thinking of streaming, just do it. I hesitated for years and I wish I started earlier. If you’re willing to, streaming can change your life”, she said.

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